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Terms of Use


KOBE SPICE (Bhasin Holdings Company Limited) Operates an online shopping site. To appropriately and smoothly conduct the services provided through the site and to enable customer to use the services enjoyably, the company has establish the following terms of use.

Condition of use

  • Based on the Terms of use (TOU) and other individual agreements, customers may use the site. However user registration is necessary for customers to purchase the product on the site.
  • When customer requires to delete user registration to the company, customer shell inform their name, user ID and Password to Kobe spice customer care Email id. Company shall unsubscribe as soon as confirm the said Email.
  • By using the site, customer agrees to comply with the provision of TOU and of other rules.
  • In using the site, customer must observe the provision of TOU and other rules, should a customer violate any of those provisions, company me suspend the customer transection and deny the customer future use of the site.
  • New rules for using the site`s services may be establish from time to time. In such case agreeing to the rules will be a condition for continuing to use the services.
  • The customer agrees in advance that the company may provide the customer with products information or any other information by fax, E-mail, Direct Mail and other means.

Prohibited Actions

Carrying out any other action listed below when using the site is prohibited. Once established that a customer has carried out a prohibited action, the company may terminate the customer use of site, discontinue the services or any other measures. If the company suffer damage due to prohibit action, it may demand compensation from customer who committed the action.

  • Pretending to be someone else.
  • Failed to pay the company in the past.
  • Using the site when his user right has been suspended.
  • Causing and obstacle to any other customer using the site.
  • Using the site when previously violated the TOU established by the company.
  • Committing some other act deemed inappropriate by the company.

Revision Of Terms of Use

The Company may at its own discretion, revise the TOU and other rules. Such revision will go into effect by posted on the site. The revision shall thereafter apply to use of the site.

Governing Laws and Agreed Jurisdiction

  • The TOU should be governed by the law of Japan.
  • Should a dispute occur in customer and company, they shall endeavor resolve in good faith. However should a lawsuit become unavoidable The KOBE District court shall be the court of first instance with exclusive agreed –upon jurisdiction over the case.